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Shifting enterprise-grade applications and teams to the cloud presents a considerable hurdle for even the most advanced organizations. They often grapple with establishing robust, secure, and efficient connections, be it site-to-site, site-to-cloud, or even for remote workforces. The transition becomes even more daunting due to the steep expenses and constraints of outdated methods like MPLS, VPNs, and IPSec tunnels.  

Organizations need a contemporary approach that allows streamlined, rapid, secure, and dependable connections across hybrid networks. DispersiveCloud and AWS Cloud WAN Tunnel-less Connect can deliver that in practice today without compromising cost or performance.  

AWS recently unveiled the Tunnel-less Connect feature on Cloud WAN which delivers a highly effective new way to construct global SD-WANs, harnessing the AWS infrastructure as a central transport channel. With this capability, third-party SD-WAN devices can seamlessly integrate with Cloud WAN through BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), eliminating the requirement for specialized tunneling procedures. The native BGP support in both VPC and Cloud WAN, without the need for tunnels, streamlines the extension of a user's SD-WAN within the AWS framework. Additionally, this allows users to leverage the AWS network's vast capacity for connections between branches.  

With Dispersive, diverse networks whether on-site, in data centers, or cloud-based - can be interconnected via the DispersiveCloud virtual network of secure deflects and the Cloud WAN Tunnel-less Connect central transport. Organizations can now set up secure, robust, and efficient multi-path BGP inter-branch connections over ANY type of network infrastructure, including public internet, depending on cost, availability, and preference. DispersiveCloud™ multi-path deflect system, provides top-tier cloud concealment, end-to-end obfuscation, and comprehensive security from the edge to the cloud for AWS and on-site resource integration.  



As illustrated in the provided diagram, DispersiveCloud gateways can be strategically positioned in any branch location, and in AWS VPCs across different regions that form part of the Cloud WAN core network. Within the AWS framework, DispersiveCloud gateways establish BGP peerings with the AWS Tunnel-less Connect network, allowing for efficient routing across various AWS regions via the AWS Global Network. In addition, DispersiveCloud deflects can be activated within the AWS VPCs to channel the encrypted internet traffic into the AWS network for secure data transfer.  

With the combination of DispersiveCloud and AWS Cloud WAN Tunnel-less Connect peering, organizations gain a superior networking solution with a trusted provider. This solution not only ensures robust data transit but also delivers comprehensive end-to-end protection, encompassing all remote sites to the AWS Global Network enabling customers the security, reliability, and performance to operate in an ever-evolving digital landscape.  

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Post by Timothy Smith
October 23, 2023