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As the CEO of Dispersive, I'm delighted to introduce three remarkable individuals who have joined our leadership team. Their vast experiences, innovative approaches, and dedication to excellence will be instrumental in propelling Dispersive towards achieving new milestones. Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our new executives and special advisor.

Mark Pohto, Field Chief Technology Officer

Mark Pohto, our new Field CTO, is a distinguished figure in the cybersecurity realm, particularly in Zero Trust architecture. His approach is proactive, focusing on advanced cybersecurity solutions that empower defenders by leveraging AI, hyper-automation, and post-quantum computing. Mark's vision encompasses a defense strategy that integrates Automated Moving Target Defenses (AMTD) across various technology layers. His extensive background in the intelligence community and cybersecurity research is pivotal in fostering an AMTD community aimed at combating cyber threats more effectively.  Mark was most recently a distinguished analyst at Gartner and previously spent two decades at Microsoft implementing Intelligence Community standards and controls to ensure physical and logical security of cryptography, anti-malware scanning, signing and licensing.

Ahmed Shah, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Ahmed Shah brings to the table over three decades of invaluable experience in business development, go-to-market strategies, and product innovation within the cybersecurity and networking sectors. His remarkable tenure at companies like Optiv, MobileIron (acquired by Ivanti), Cisco, Rovi, and Neustar showcases his expertise in forging transformative go-to-market strategies and strategic partnerships. With an academic foundation from MIT in Engineering and Computer Science, Ahmed specializes in cybersecurity, internet infrastructure, networking, and the execution of strategic partnerships and M&A deals. His role is crucial in expanding our technological partnerships and alliances.

Rana Kanaan, Product Strategy Advisor

Rana Kanaan, joining us as Product Strategy Advisor, has a storied 25-year career marked by launching multiple 1.0 products and scaling businesses to over $1B with companies like Citrix, Workspot, Sprint and Nortel. Known for her transformative approach to product design, development strategy, and positioning, Rana champions a 'simpler is better' methodology deeply rooted in understanding customer needs. This approach has proven successful in building products people love and fostering team and business growth. Rana's holistic experience encompasses sales, marketing, engineering, and product leadership, making her adept at driving product-led growth across various technology domains.  Rana’s deep expertise in networking, application architectures, IT and security are key to aligning our product strategy, execution and go-to-market.

The addition of Mark, Ahmed, and Rana to our team signifies an exciting phase of growth and innovation for Dispersive. Each brings a unique blend of skills, vision, and leadership that will undoubtedly drive our company forward. Their collective expertise will enhance our product offerings, strengthen our strategic partnerships, and reinforce our commitment to providing secure and innovative technology solutions.

As we embark on this journey with our new leaders, I am more confident than ever in our company's future. Together, we will continue to innovate, grow, and meet the need for stealth networking and secure platform transformation our customers rely on.

Thank you for joining me in welcoming our newest team members. Here's to a bright and successful future at Dispersive!

Post by Rajiv Pimplaskar
February 29, 2024